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For Sale: Stallions/Geldings

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HLL Master Of Mischief 

(HLL Divinitys Mischief Maker x McSperitts Oreo Rapper)

AMHA/AMHR 3 year old black tobiano gelding - should mature around 31"

Titan is a very athletic colt with great movement and presence. He has a big hip, laid back shoulder, very upright neck, and nice head. Titan has quite the personality as well and likes to goof around. He has been shown in halter last year with multiple AMHA res. champs in junior stallion but he will truly excel in the driving arena later!. His bloodlines include; Bond Dynamo, Dealers Choice, Buckeroo, GMB, Rowdy, Rhotens Little Dandy and Shadow Oaks Paul Bunyan. $1,500 VIDEO: https://youtu.be/BEhrqbYSd4E

Show Record:


2017 AMHA Res. Champion Junior Stallions



HLL Dealing With Xcellence 

(IM HCs Dealing With Divinity x HLL Zips Raging Diva)

AMHR 7 year old black tobiano gelding - 35"

Are you wanting to be competitive in the driving arena?? Lance has a beautiful head, set high on a long shapely neck. He has a very animated trot and could excel in country/pleasure/roadster driving. Lance is also correct enough to show well in halter. He is broke to drive. Lance is naturally upright, soft on the bit and holds his frame well. $2,500 VIDEO: https://youtu.be/9383_vIjRSQ

Show Record:


2012 AMHA Res. Champion AM Junior Stallions (outgrew his AMHA papers)



HLL Divinitys Harlequin Nite

(IM HCs Dealing With Divinity x HLL Destinys Nite Dancer)  


AMHR 6 year old Black Tobiano Gelding- 36" 


Harley is a tall, elegant gelding. He is refined with a nice head, long shapely neck, compact back and long legs. He is upright with nice movement and could excel in halter and driving, he needs to be in the show ring! Harley is broke to drive.   $2,500 VIDEO: https://youtu.be/WPn9Qz631Z4



HLL Legendary Riddler 

(Stars Legendary Gangster x HLL Divinitys Lost My Sock)

AMHA/AMHR yearling chestnut tobiano colt - should mature around 31-33"

Riddler is a stunning and refined colt. He's got long legs, big hip, compact back and laid back shoulder. Riddler has small refined head on top a nice shapely neck. He's got nice movement and should do well in both halter and performance. SOLD!! Thank you and congratulations ~ Denver, CO VIDEO: https://youtu.be/GuP6WHSnRCU



HLL Mischievous Loki

(HLL Divinitys Mischief Maker x HLL Destinys Nite Dancer)  


AMHA/AMHR weanling black colt - should mature around 30-32" (measured 27" on 10/5/18) 


Loki is a refined colt with a beautiful dishy head, nice neck, hip and shoulders. He is a pretty mover as well. He should do well in both halter and driving, as his full siblings are stunning as well.   Not available at this time ~ keeping for therapy work. VIDEO: https://youtu.be/ugVuHamRaT8



HLL Divinitys Celtic Warrior

(IM HCs Dealing With Divinity x HLL Zips Raging Diva)  


AMHA/AMHR weanling black/bay tobiano colt - should mature around 32" (measured 29" on 10/5/18) 


Xander is a stunning colt with a tiny, refined head, long shapely neck, short back and good hip and shoulder. We expect him to be a superstar in halter and performance classes. I definitely don't mind keeping this one to add to the show string next year!  Not available at this time ~ will be shown this year VIDEO: https://youtu.be/qDWmSReIqd4



HLL Undeniably Divine 

(IM HCs Dealing With Divinity x High Spirits Phenomenons Wild Fire)

AMHA/AMHR Yearling Silver Dapple tobiano colt - should mature around 28-29"

Prince is a refined, tiny colt with great color. He has a small, dishy head, nice neck and good topline. He has a big hip and laid back shoulder. He would do well in halter and performance classes or be a fantastic therapy horse. SOLD!! Thank you and congratulations ~ Denver, CO VIDEO: https://youtu.be/9_WmrBeIP1E



HLL Touch O Divinity

(IM HCs Dealing With Divinity x Running Creek Rowdy Touch O Destiny)  


AMHA/AMHR 3 year old Silver Dapple Tobiano Gelding- 32.5"  


Devon is a stunning and elegant little guy. He has wonderful movement and has done well in the show ring in both halter and driving. We has a bright future ahead of him.  SOLD!! Thank you and congratulations ~ Medicine Lodge, KS VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fIWfDGwzxM8  

Show Record:


2018 AMHA World Top Five SN Showmanship

2018 AMHA World Top Ten Stock Type Geldings

2018 AMHA World Top Ten 3 year old Country Pleasure Driving

2017 AMHA Multi-first Stock Type Geldings


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